Walking Safari – Experiencing The Plains On Foot

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A walking safari is an exceptional way to experience the beauty of nature during your holiday in Tanzania. Unlike traditional game drives, a walking safari offers a unique and intimate interaction with the wild. As you explore the plains on foot, you will be able to immerse yourself in the sounds, smells, and colours of the bush in a way that you won’t experience from a vehicle.

A walking safari is one of the top safari experiences in Tanzania or Kenya. Instead of hearing the roar of the engine, listen out for sounds of the wind or the hoof thump of a territorial male impala.

The walking safari also allows you to share the secret language of signals between you and your guide. Your guide will lead you through the openings and thickets of woodlands, teaching you the wonders of communication in the wild.

On a walking safari, you have the freedom to stop and inspect tracks left behind by the big game. Your guide might take you on a path where you can observe elephants up close as they nap or hydrate themselves at a watering hole. You may also go on a challenging trek to a peak or lookout point to discover what lies beyond it.

During your walk, you can take a break and lay out a blanket to share a cup of tea and a muffin with your guide. This is a great opportunity to learn more about their life as a walking guide and to gain a deeper understanding of the hidden tricks and illusions of nature.

Walking safaris can be enjoyed by individuals of varying fitness levels as your guide can select the most suitable terrain for you to traverse. This implies that walking safaris are not exclusively reserved for expert hikers. Whether you prefer to take rocky uphill paths or a slower-paced walk with a few stops to admire the trees and birds, each safari experience is tailor-made just for you.

Walking safaris are must-dos for any traveller looking for authentic and unique safari experiences in Tanzania. It provides an opportunity to experience the wild and connect with nature in a way that a traditional game drive cannot. Book your walking safari with us today and immerse yourself in the wonders of the Tanzanian bush.

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