Perito Moreno Glacier Tour Package from Singapore

No exploration of Argentine Patagonia is truly fulfilled without the awe-inspiring encounter with the Perito Moreno Glacier at El Calafate National Park. This living spectacle, in constant rhythmic motion of advance and retreat, goes beyond being just a destination—it embodies the essence of Argentine Patagonia itself.

As a Singapore-based private and luxury travel agency, our meticulously crafted itineraries promise more than a mere visit; our journey offers an immersive experience, bringing you intimately close to the glacier’s towering walls and pristine surroundings. Venture beyond the ordinary viewing platforms, delving into the secrets of this magnificent icy giant. Tailored for those who seek a personalized touch, our private tours ensure an intimate exploration of the glacier’s splendour. Prepare for an adventure that transcends the ordinary—an exclusive encounter with the captivating Perito Moreno Glacier awaits.

Best Experiences at Perito Moreno Glacier

Glacier Trekking

Trekking in Perito Moreno Glacier is one of the most exceptional ways to intimately connect with the glacier’s breathtaking grandeur. Our expert guides will lead you through a mesmerizing journey, navigating pristine ancient ice formations and awe-inspiring landscapes. Get a different perspective as you traverse the glacier’s surface, witnessing turquoise crevasses, towering ice walls, and visit glacial caves, learning about the formation of these unique nature wonder.

Glacier Cruise

Indulge in a gourmet cruise offering stunning views of the glaciers as you sail right next to these icy giants. Cruise along Lago Argentino to explore other glaciers beyond the main body of ice, allowing for a more comprehensive exploration of the vast glacial expanse and providing an enriched overview of Los Glaciares National Park. This cruise option caters to all ages, providing amenities suitable for kids and the elderly, including meals. Alongside the glacial marvels, the cruise includes a visit to a nearby waterfall, allowing you to disembark and explore beyond the icy wonderland.

Glacier Boardwalks

Embark on an ethereal journey through Perito Moreno Glacier with an over 4-kilometer boardwalk, providing an up-close encounter with this majestic natural wonder. Offering multiple viewpoints for spectacular photography, the boardwalk includes designated spots for occasional rests, allowing you to indulge in the breathtaking views. While wandering along the walkway, brace yourself for the captivating experience of thunderous ice calving.

Glacier Kayaking

Kayaking at Perito Moreno Glacier provides a unique and exhilarating way to immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of this icy wonderland. Paddle through serene glacial waters, surrounded by towering ice formations and stunning landscapes, without the distraction of engine sounds, allowing you to appreciate the tranquillity interrupted only by the gentle drips of glacial water and the thunderous crashes of calving ice. Our guided kayaking tours offer an intimate encounter with the glacier, enabling you to navigate close to its massive walls and explore hidden corners that would be inaccessible otherwise.

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FAQs on Perito Moreno Glacier Tour Package from Singapore

The most suitable period to explore Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina falls within the southern hemisphere’s spring, occurring from October to November, and autumn, spanning March to April. During these times, you’ll experience better weather and fewer crowds compared to the busier summer months from December to February. The comfortable temperatures and minimal rainfall make summer an ideal alternative season to visit.

We recommend dedicating a full day to exploring the Perito Moreno Glacier and its surrounding areas. With the remaining time, we’ll organize visits to other attractions in El Calafate, ensuring you enjoy a more comprehensive experience in the region.

Our private tour package to Perito Moreno Glacier includes the accompaniment of our handpicked English speaking local guide, private vehicle, National Park entrance fees and tour activities.

In Argentine Patagonia region, the weather can be cold and windy at any time of the year. Therefore, when visiting Perito Moreno Glacier, it’s advisable to wear a windbreaker and bring fleece or mid-layers that can adapt to the changing weather conditions throughout the day. If you plan on engaging in more adventurous activities such as glacier trekking, thicker layers and hiking boots will be necessary.

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