Luxury Zanzibar Holiday Tour Package

Embark on an extraordinary holiday with our private luxury tour package to Zanzibar, Tanzania. Whether you’re seeking an idyllic standalone beach getaway or the perfect extension to your thrilling safari adventure, Zanzibar beckons with its unparalleled blend of sun, sand, and sea. This tropical paradise, renowned for its laid-back island charm, as well as its pristine coastlines and crystal-clear waters that invite you to leave your cares behind. As you unwind and rejuvnate in the embrace of this paradise, you’ll discover the essence of relaxation and luxury, complemented by the exquisite beach front lodges that makes Zanzibar an oasis like no other.

As a Singapore-based travel agency specializing in personalized private tours, we are committed to transforming your dream Zanzibar vacation into a reality. With our meticulous attention to detail, we tailor your journey to align with your desires, ensuring an unforgettable experience that will create lasting memories.

Tailor-Made Tours to Zanzibar

Understanding Your Needs

Identifying your interests is crucial for trip customization. We initiate the process with a video call, during which we share insights about the destination and experiences offered, helping you gain clarity on your preferences.


With an understanding of your needs, our Travel Specialist crafts a personalized itinerary tailored to your preference, encompassing a range of handpicked experiences, activities, accommodations and private guide.

Pre-Trip Briefing

Before departure, we’ll meet to give a final overview and share essential contact information and preparations needed for your journey, ensuring you’re well-equipped for a remarkable travel experience.

Best Experiences in Zanzibar

Experience the highlights of Zanzibar and other must-see attractions with our customized tours, tailored specifically for your visit to Tanzania.

Beach Getaway

Indulge in the ultimate beach getaway and discover why Zanzibar’s pristine coastlines are renowned worldwide. With powdery white sands that gently kiss the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, Zanzibar offers an idyllic escape like no other. Whether you seek tranquillity and relaxation or thrilling water sports and vibrant marine life, the beaches here cater to every traveller’s desires.

Snorkelling & Diving

Plunge into the waters of Zanzibar teeming with rich marine life. Here, you have the opportunity to snorkel and dive alongside some of the ocean’s most magnificent creatures, from playful dolphins to the gentle giants of the sea, whale sharks. Explore vibrant coral reefs teeming with life, where every nook and cranny holds a new discovery waiting to be made. Witness the kaleidoscope of colours as schools of tropical fish dart by and feel the exhilaration of being immersed in this thriving marine ecosystem.

Spice Tour

Also known as the “Spice Island,” Zanzibar boasts a rich tapestry of aromatic spices. Wander through lush spice plantations, guided by knowledgeable locals who share the secrets of cultivating cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, and an array of other spices. Learn about their traditional uses and cultural significance while indulging your senses. The private Spice Tour is a delightful opportunity to witness Zanzibar’s agricultural heritage and connect with the island’s unique history.

Sunset Dhow Cruise

Sail along the tranquil waters of the Indian Ocean on a traditional wooden dhow, as the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky with vibrant hues. The gentle sea breeze, the mesmerizing play of colours, and the soothing sound of the waves create a magical ambiance. Whether you’re seeking a romantic evening or a serene escape, this cruise promises moments of pure bliss and is a must-do during your private luxury tour in Zanzibar.

Stone Town

Embark on a captivating journey through Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where every step takes you back in time, unravelling the rich tapestry of Zanzibar’s history and culture. With the guidance of your private tour guide, delve into the stories behind these winding alleys, where the past comes alive through intricately carved wooden doors, lively marketplaces, and the architectural splendour of grand Arab homes and majestic mosques. Explore this living heritage during your private tour in Zanzibar and discover the secrets of Stone Town’s timeless charm.

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FAQs on Luxury Zanzibar Holiday Tour Package

Zanzibar is part of Tanzania, and Singapore passport holders can enter Tanzania without requiring a tourist visa.

Nevertheless, visa requirements might evolve, and our travel specialist will share the most up-to-date details during your trip briefing.

The ideal time to explore Zanzibar is during its dry season, spanning from July to September, a period that sees high traveller demand. Nonetheless, Zanzibar’s appeal extends to various times of the year, offering pleasant temperatures ranging from 28°C to 34°C and abundant sunshine.

In November and December, the brief rainfall is followed by clear blue skies, creating a favourable environment for visitors. The heavy downpours are limited to the peak of the long rainy season in April and May.

Yes, in fact, for Singaporeans traveling to Tanzania, we recommend allocating more time to explore destinations beyond Zanzibar. By doing so, we can design your private travel tour package to include a safari experience in other parts of Tanzania. This way, you’ll have the opportunity to discover the diverse attractions that Tanzania has to offer, from the serene beaches of Zanzibar to the thrilling wildlife encounters in the country’s renowned national parks such as the Serengeti National Park, Tarangire National Park and Ngorongoro Crater and Conservation Area.

Our holiday tour package to Zanzibar are all inclusive. They typically include tours, a private guide, accommodation, transport and meals. However, since each tour is customized to fit our clients’ budgets and preferences, items may be added or removed from the itinerary during the planning process. If there are any expenses you should be aware of that is out of the proposed itinerary, our travel specialist will inform you upfront before your tour confirmation with us, to ensure there are no unexpected costs during your trip.

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