Iceland’s Summer Exclusive: Discover Hidden Gems That Only Open During The Season

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Have you ever dreamed of a holiday in a place where the sun barely sets, and untouched landscapes unfold before your eyes? That’s what you get to experience on a summer holiday in Iceland! Let’s uncover the treasures only accessible during the warm months, promising to make your holiday in Iceland a truly unforgettable experience.

Puffin Watching: An Unforgettable Icelandic Summer Experience

puffin watching in iceland during summer season

First on our list is a date with Iceland’s adorable little celebrities: puffins. Home to 60% of the world’s Atlantic puffins, Iceland’s colonies are more than just bird-watching spots; they’re a key part of the nation’s culture, influencing everything from cuisine to postage stamps.

Your best chance to see these charismatic birds is between May and August, when they come ashore to lay eggs. Imagine an idyllic evening observing these wobbly seabirds returning from their fishing escapades, their brightly coloured bills standing out against the summer twilight.

You can find them in many places, like the Látrabjarg cliffs on the Westfjords, Grímsey Island in the north, Borgarfjörður Eystri in the east, and the Westman Islands off the south coast. But remember, while they’re irresistibly cute, we should keep a respectful distance to preserve their natural habitat.

Hornstrandir: The Nature Reserve Of Dreams

hornstrandir only accessible during summer in iceland

Next on our Iceland summer trip, let’s venture to Hornstrandir, a nature reserve only accessible during the summer months. With no permanent residents since the 1950s and motorized vehicles strictly prohibited, this place is as untouched as you can get.

Covering almost 600 km² of tundra, the reserve is a riot of wildflowers and ferns, painting a stunning summer canvas. And amidst this botanical beauty, you’ll find the towering Hornbjarg cliff, a defining icon of Iceland’s landscape that will leave you in awe of nature’s majesty.

Mjóifjörður: A Secret Icelandic Summer Gem

kilhbrekkufossar in iceland summer season

Our adventure continues to the east coast, where the hidden fjord of Mjóifjörður awaits. Home to the smallest village in the country, Brekkuþorp, with a population of just 7, this 18-km fjord is a journey into tranquillity.

Once one of the world’s largest whaling stations, Mjóifjörður is now a sanctuary of serenity. Picture yourself hiking past waterfalls like the famous Klifbrekkufossar cascades, picking fresh berries, and soaking in panoramic views from the Dalatangi lighthouses. Remember, the breathtaking road to this fjord is a summer exclusive!

Wrapping Up Your Iceland Summer Trip

From watching puffins to exploring untouched landscapes and secret fjords, a summer holiday in Iceland offers unique experiences that you can’t find anywhere else. As you return from your journey, you’ll bring back more than just photographs. You’ll carry memories of magical summer nights, encounters with quirky puffins, and the thrill of exploring landscapes untouched by time.

So, pack your bags, lace up your hiking boots, and let the Land of Fire and Ice kindle your spirit of adventure this summer. Remember, the best parts of Iceland are often off the beaten path. So, step out, explore, and let the warmth of the Icelandic summer seep into your soul. Don’t just visit Iceland; experience it!

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