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Bordered by Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, and the South Atlantic Ocean, Argentina is known for its snow-capped mountains, ocean shorelines, arid deserts, and thick forests. It has recently gained a lot of attention from travellers around the world, exploring its various terrains, amazing food, and rich culture. Regardless of the time you choose to visit, a holiday in Argentina has something to offer for history buffs, food enthusiasts, adrenaline junkies, fitness addicts, and anyone who needs to let loose and have a good time.

Traveling to South America has to be on every travel enthusiast’s list. The guide will help you explore what Argentina has to offer, giving you ideas on possible ways to create an authentic tailor-made travel experience.

1.   El Calafate

holiday in argentina - el calafate perito moreno

El Calafate is not only a small vibrant town but a gateway to Los Glaciares National Park, which is where you can get close to the massive glacial landscapes. It offers its visitors some of the most unique glacial experiences. One of the most popular ones is walking the Perito Moreno Glacier boardwalk which gives visitors a taste of what El Calafate has to offer. If you are someone who doesn’t mind the cold, go on a trekking or kayaking experience where you can completely immerse yourself in the breathtaking views and feel the glacier beneath your feet. It is an experience you will never forget. If fitness is an issue, you can get some equally good views on the cruise as you float past kilometers of pure, blue icy waters.

Before heading to the Perito Moreno Glacier, pay a quick visit to Intendencia Parque Nacional Los Glaciares. This small cabin structure in the park has a small museum with information about the glaciers and Perito Moreno, the explorer after which the glacier is named.

Other than that, hit the streets for a taste of authentic food and beer. Not to forget, Argentinian beef and some local wine to complete your El Calafate Experience.

2.   Patagonia


holiday in argentina - patagonia

Spread over an area of 1.062 km, Patagonia has lots to offer, however here are a few things that should be at the top of your to-do list. If you love nature and want to have a scenic experience taking a road trip along the 7 Lakes and Martin De Los Andes road is an absolute must. You will encounter 7 different lakes along the route and miles and miles of luscious ancient forests. If self-drive road trips are a thing for you, we are happy to plan your route and you can take the wheel. As we always say, your trip experience is customizable!

If a ten-hour ride isn’t what you’re interested in you can also visit the Harberton Ranch and get a chance to spend some time with majestic Magellanic and Gentoo penguins. The ranch is located on Martillo island, which means you’ll have to take a boat to get there, but we promise, it will be a scenic one. There are many trails in and around the area that you can take and have a wholesome experience walking amongst penguins.

3.     Iguazu Falls

holiday in argentina - iguazu falls

275 waterfalls, lining up to form the world’s largest waterfall system, spreading from Argentina to Parana, the Iguazu Falls are a sight to behold. We will take you off the beaten path where you get to stop by the Garganta do Diabo, commonly known as the devil’s throat, and Circuito Superior, the Upper Circuit, which is one of the highest points in the park and gives you a panoramic view of the beauty Mother Nature has to offer. The waterfalls at the edge of thick forests and rainbows in between, birds chirping in the trees, and excited people, create an electric and exciting aura around you.

4.   Mendoza

holiday in argentina - mendoza wine region

If you want to have a laid-back experience there is no better place than Mendoza, where you can have long outdoor lunches and wine tours that last the entire day. Not only is it known for its picturesque views and peace since its located away from the fast-paced life of Buenos Aires, but it is also a place known for its world-renowned restaurants and spas. In short, the spot to sit back and relax.

If you want to enjoy local festivals then the best time to visit is towards the end of February, when the Vendimia Festival takes place. It lasts for two weeks and hundreds of tourists make their way to Mendoza city to enjoy the grape harvest and have some of their finest wines.

5.   Machu Picchu


If you are a history buff, Machu Picchu should be at the top of your list of places to visit. Now declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Machu Picchu ruins are testaments to man’s intelligence and ingenuity. Made up of 150 buildings, all built with stones that are believed to have been transported from far away without machineries, Machu Picchu is a testament to the commitment and intelligence of the locals. It shows you what they were capable of back in the day, despite having limited resources.

Located 7000 feet above sea level in the Andes, Machu Picchu has a majestic view of Inca ruins backed by beautiful mountains. This archaeological site attracts visitors each year, to stand witness to the well-preserved remnant of the Inca people.

If you want to have a unique experience, we can arrange for you to get off the beaten path and really explore what the place has to offer.  Some of these less explored paths offer the most magnificent views.

Tailor-made Travel Experiences in Argentina

Now that you have a first-hand account of what places to visit and what activities to invest your time and energy in, I hope this gives you an idea of the must-visit places you need to include in your itinerary. Argentina has something to offer for all kinds of visitors throughout the year. Regardless of the season and attractions you plan on visiting, we can always put together tailor-made travel experiences so you have the most enjoyable holiday in Argentina.

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