Es-Salt Through The Eyes Of A Local Architect

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Es-Salt is a gem tucked away in Jordan that should be visited by anyone looking to have a tailor-made travel experience to truly immerse themselves in the rich history and captivating Ottoman architecture. It’s a city that encapsulates the best of Jordan in one place, from ancient castles to religious sites and monuments that tell of its glorious past.

For those seeking to fully immerse themselves in the picturesque charm of Es-Salt, we ardently advise embarking on a scenic hike along the Harmony Trail. This trail provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to bask in the sense of unity and community that exists between two religions, where one can behold the awe-inspiring sight of both mosques and churches standing in harmonious coexistence, side by side. It truly is a remarkable experience, showcasing the interreligious neighbourhood that has stood the test of time.

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Magnificent views aside, there is more to the city if Es-Salt. If you are history buff, one who appreciates the works and designs of an ancient city or simply wish to travel back in time, the best way to gain a deeper understanding of Es-Salt’s city is through a tour led by a local architect. The architect will provide a comprehensive overview of the city’s architecture and culture, allowing you to learn about the city’s planning and architecture during the trip, including the history of its distinctive structures and street layouts. The local architect will talk about the city’s over 600 historical buildings, many of which have domed roofs, interior courtyards, and tall, arched windows, sharing his knowledge and passion for architecture.

When you look at Es-Salt, you can’t help but be impressed by the craftsmanship and ingenuity of its architects. You can learn more about the techniques and preferences used by ancient architects who built the city, as well as the history behind the stones. The buildings’ fine ornamentation and attention to detail are proof of their expertise in the field.

Imagine seeing the impressive Salt City in Jordan through the eyes of an architect. It would be awe-inspiring to witness the grandiose sight of Es-Salt and its impressive architecture. Planning your next holiday in Jordan? Witness the architectural wonder of Salt City from a different lens!

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