Embrace Iceland’s Endless Daylight: How To Make The Most Of The Midnight Sun

midnight sun in iceland

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Imagine a summer holiday in Iceland, a land where the sun plays hide and seek at midnight and paints the sky with a twilight glow. During this time of the year, the famous Northern Lights step back, making way for the endless daylight phenomenon known as the midnight sun. Your holiday in Iceland is about to get a lot more sun-soaked!

The Magic Of Midnight Sun In Iceland

From mid-May to mid-July, the midnight sun takes center stage on Icelandic nights, meaning it never gets completely dark. Instead, a captivating twilight bathes the land. Sure, some might grumble about disrupted sleep, but the adventurous souls among us see this as a golden opportunity to make the most of their summer in Iceland.

And if you think this endless daylight is just a mainland thing, you’re in for a treat! The small island of Grimsey, right on the Arctic Circle, offers an enchanting spectacle of the midnight sun almost setting and then climbing back up the horizon between June and July. In the rest of Iceland, the sun takes a brief dip around midnight, with the duration depending on how far north you are.

Soak Up the Sun: Activities Under The Icelandic Midnight Sun

Wondering how to spend all this extra daylight during your holiday in Iceland? Let’s dive into some delightful activities perfect for these summer nights.

Marvel At Endless Sunsets

One of the mesmerizing highlights of a summer in Iceland is watching the midnight sunsets. All you need is good weather, a comfy spot on the shore (which Iceland has plenty of), a cozy blanket, and good company. It’s a simple but unforgettable pleasure.

Embrace The Magic Of Jónsmessa

Around the longest days of summer, when it doesn’t get dark, Iceland is steeped in folklore. Jónsmessa, celebrated on June 24th, is said to be a night when cows could speak, seals could turn into humans, and diseases could be healed by rolling naked in wet grass. While we can’t vouch for these claims, it’s a magical time to bask in the extraordinary ambiance of an Icelandic summer.

night hiking in iceland's summer

Midnight Hiking

If you’re feeling adventurous, join the Midsummer Night’s Eve hike in Grindavík. The family-friendly hike takes you to the summit of Mt. Thorbjorn, where you can enjoy a bonfire and music. The hike ends at the Blue Lagoon, which stays open past midnight for this special event.

Dance The Night Away At A Summer Solstice Festival

From June 23rd to 25th, Grimsey hosts a three-day family Summer Solstice Festival, buzzing with music, seafood, dancing, and boat rides. As the island that enjoys the longest daylight, it’s the perfect spot to celebrate summer under the unending sunshine. If you prefer the mainland, Kopasker hosts a similar festival, so you won’t miss out on any of the fun.

Make The Most Of Your Summer In Iceland

In conclusion, a holiday in Iceland during the summer is about more than just sightseeing. It’s about embracing the magical midnight sun, engaging in unique cultural experiences, and making memories that last a lifetime. We love to include these little experiences in your personalized travel itinerary so you get to immerse in the local celebrations, ways of life, and the things that makes Iceland unique in it’s own ways.

So, are you ready to dance under the endless daylight, marvel at the longest sunsets, and explore the midnight-lit landscapes of Iceland? Your summer in Iceland awaits!

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