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Whether you’re looking for a city break or a peaceful retreat, a holiday in Vietnam promises a wealth of contrasts and diversity. Ancient traditions and modern-day advancements blend seamlessly in this fascinating country, from the bustling cities to the tranquil countryside. If you’re looking to sip on some of the world’s best coffee, explore lush green jungles, trek along majestic rice fields, or relax on translucent bays, Vietnam has it all.

One of the most popular destinations in Vietnam is Danang and its long coastal areas, where you can enjoy top luxury resorts, broad beaches, and a growing collection of cafes, restaurants, and bars. Beyond the beaches, the nearby Marble Mountains offer a collection of five outcrops topped with atmospheric pagodas, providing a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural history.

For those looking to step back in time, the UNESCO-preserved town of Hoi An is a must-visit destination. Within this area, you have the opportunity to discover a blend of various eras and styles. Some illustrations comprise of Chinese shophouses made of wood, French colonial buildings in vibrant hues, intricate Vietnamese tube houses, and iconic pagodas. And just a stone’s throw away from Danang is Hue, where you can experience what it was like during the dynasty era with its imperial legacy and rich history.

Head north to Ninh Binh, where you can wander through striking limestone karsts, visit pagodas, and explore the beauty of Vietnam’s natural wonders. Or take a drive along the scenic mountain passes of Heaven’s Gate and trek along majestic rice fields in Ha Giang, where you can meet friendly local tribes practicing traditional rice farming methods. Here are some of the highlights of this captivating country that you don’t want to miss.

Tailor-Made Tours To Vietnam

Understanding Your Needs

Identifying your interests is crucial for trip customization. We initiate the process with a video call, during which we share insights about the destination and experiences offered, helping you gain clarity on your preferences.


With an understanding of your needs, our Travel Specialist crafts a personalized itinerary tailored to your preference, encompassing a range of handpicked experiences, activities, accommodations and private guide.

Pre-Trip Briefing

Before departure, we’ll meet to give a final overview and share essential contact information and preparations needed for your journey, ensuring you’re well-equipped for a remarkable travel experience.

Highlights Of Vietnam

These are some of the places we would recommend for your holiday in Vietnam. This country offers an abundance of sights to see, too numerous to fit all the information on this page.

If you don’t see your desired attraction here, just know that we can still plan it for you.

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Ha Giang

Located in the northernmost part of Vietnam, Ha Giang is a place where the road winds through jaw-dropping canyons and the breathtaking Ma Pi Leng Pass. This is a dream come true for adventure travellers who crave open roads and stunning landscapes.

Explore the majestic rice terraces at Hoang Su Phi that extend towards the valley floor, go for boat rides through the Nho Que River, and immerse yourself in the relaxing atmosphere of remote towns and local H’Mong tribes. In the cooler highlands of Vietnam, Ha Giang offers comfortable travel on four wheels or exciting adventures on two wheels.

Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh offers a haven for nature enthusiasts and serves as a playground for those seeking adventure. This area is a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site, full of pagodas, striking limestone karsts, and surreal landscapes.

Wander through the beautiful Bai Dinh Pagoda, the largest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia, or explore the waterways in Trang An that lead you to explore the enormous jungle-covered karsts on traditional boats. Stop by tranquil pagodas and glide underneath grottoes along the way. Those who enjoy rejuvenating hikes in the forest can visit Cuc Phuong National Park, home to ancient trees more than 1000 years old.

ninh binh private tour
danang private tour


Danang is a beach paradise with broad beaches, top luxury resorts, and a growing collection of cafes, restaurants, and bars. It’s no wonder that the locals sport some of the broadest smiles in the country. The Marble Mountains consist of five rock formations adorned with picturesque pagodas and are located just 15 minutes away from the city.

Beyond beaches and mountains, explore hidden caves, admire ancient shrines, and trek along forested hillsides where you can spot wildlife. Danang is also the perfect spot to extend your journey to Hoi An, a UNESCO-preserved old town, or to Hue via the scenic Hai Van Pass, a mountain route that offers panoramic views of the coast and nature.


Hue is a city that’s of stories. With fertile riverbanks and forested hills, Hue was chosen by the Kings of the Nguyen Dynasty as the site for their feudal capital. However, there are numerous other compelling reasons to visit the city beyond their imperial legacy. As the royal family’s base, world-class meals are never too far away.

Being a city with Buddhist roots, explore the iconic seven-tiered tower of Thien Mụ Pagoda and a variety of arts revolving around it, including the famous incense-making craft that dates back to ancient dynasties in the 1800s. Apart from views related to the ancient dynasty, the city also offers another side filled with French architecture and a chance to revisit colonial history in this enchanting town.

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FAQs for Vietnam Tours

Vietnam is divided into three main regions: Northern, Central, and Southern, each with its own optimal visiting periods.

  • Northern Vietnam is best visited from November to April, when the weather is cooler and drier. The coldest months are December and January, with temperatures ranging from 5 to 10 degrees Celsius.
  • Central Vietnam enjoys warm weather year-round, with the ideal time to visit being the dry season from January to August.
  • Southern Vietnam, characterized by its tropical climate, is best visited during the dry season from November to April.

Exploring Vietnam fully requires more than one visit. We recommend allocating 5 to 7 days to explore the key highlights of each popular area such as Hanoi, Sapa, Danang, Hoi An, Hue, and Ha Giang.

For other cities or less-traveled regions, the required duration depends on the activities and travel routes. These can be done separately or included as extensions to your trip for a more thorough exploration.

Vietnam is generally a safe destination. However, as with any country, it’s important to stay vigilant, especially in crowded areas.

Additionally, it’s advisable to leave valuables at home unless they are essential for your trip and always keep your important items securely.

We specialize in crafting personalized private tour packages to Vietnam. These packages come with your own English-speaking guide, private transport, hotel accommodation, carefully selected land tours based on your interest which consist of fully private ones and in some attractions, a part of a small group tour, as well as all the entry tickets you’ll need for local attractions.

For meals, you get to choose where you’d like to dine, or if you prefer, we can suggest great spots along your travel route.

The planning process varies, but we generally recommend starting discussions with us at least 6 months in advance, especially for peak travel seasons, to secure your preferred accommodations.

Additionally, based on your itinerary, we’ll suggest the best flights to book. Confirming your travel details early can help you snag the best deals on airfare.

If your departure date is approaching quickly, we advise scheduling a call with our Asia Travel Specialist. This allows us to quickly grasp your holiday needs and preferences over a video call, saving time compared to back-and-forth emails.

Unique Things To See & Do In Vietnam

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