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Laos is often overlooked in comparison to its more well-known neighbours, and as a result, the country has remained virtually undisturbed for decades. This laid-back country is an absolute treasure since it is endowed with many of Southeast Asia’s most beautiful characteristics. Even though it is still relatively low profile, this stunning Buddhist country is becoming a popular destination for intrepid luxury and adventure travellers. Laos, together with Vietnam and Cambodia, were the triumvirate colonies of French Indochina, and the country still has many colonial vestiges to admire.

Laos is a rising destination for individuals seeking 5-star vacation experiences in a less crowded setting. The highlights of your trip to Laos include distant rural interactions with the northern hill tribe people in Luang Namtha and Muang Sing (Black Tai, Hmong, Akha, Lanten, and others), as well as the pristine “4,000 Islands” region of the lower Mekong, which is home to the endangered Irrawaddy dolphins. On top of that, Laos is also home to some of the most unique and intriguing temples.

Tailor-Made Tours To Laos

Understanding Your Needs

Identifying your interests is crucial for trip customization. We initiate the process with a video call, during which we share insights about the destination and experiences offered, helping you gain clarity on your preferences.


With an understanding of your needs, our Travel Specialist crafts a personalized itinerary tailored to your preference, encompassing a range of handpicked experiences, activities, accommodations and private guide.

Pre-Trip Briefing

Before departure, we’ll meet to give a final overview and share essential contact information and preparations needed for your journey, ensuring you’re well-equipped for a remarkable travel experience.

Highlights Of Laos

These are some points of interest which allow you to experience the traditional way of life that moves at an unhurried pace, along with the warmth, kindness and amiably vague timekeeping of the Lao people. If you have your own points of interest which are not features here, just know that we can still arrange to take you there.

wat ohu laos private tours and luxury holiday

Wat Phu

The Khmer religious complex at Wat Phu was designated as an official World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the year 2001. This complex is considered to be the crown jewel of Champasak Province. The oldest of these temples is over 500 years older than the far more renowned and popular Angkor Wat ruins in Cambodia. The temples are still very underrated tourist destinations; on any given day, you could discover that you are the only one there. However, this won’t be the case for much longer. Those who go to Wat Phou will be rewarded with stunning mountain vistas and an intriguing historic temple.

Four Thousand Islands (Si Phan Don)

Si Phan Don, or the “Four Thousand Islands,” is a special river archipelago amidst the Mekong River, not far from the Cambodian border. It is a place to get away from the hustle of everyday life and explore the culture of historic riverside villages. You may experience local culture by riding a bicycle through quaint fishing towns, hiking through verdant rice fields, or taking a boat ride to one of the many breathtaking waterfalls. Paddling a kayak along the Mekong is a fantastic opportunity to see the endangered and elusive Irrawaddy dolphins, or you can just kick back in a hammock and watch the local fisherman cast their nets in a beautiful manner while you enjoy one of the region’s often breathtaking sunsets. Visit Khone Phapheng Waterfall, the biggest in Southeast Asia in terms of volume, and Li Phi Waterfall, whose emerald green waters are a sight to see, if you’re interested in seeing what Mother Nature has to offer.

four thousand island private tours and luxury holiday
coffee plantation private tours and luxury holiday

Ban Katua

Make a detour to the picturesque village of Ban Katua, which is home to a sprawling coffee plantation. Here you may get an up-close and personal look at the manufacturing process of Laos’ world-famous coffees, as well as a private sampling of the coffee that was produced that exact day. After that, make a pit stop at the local market in Paksong, the capital of coffee in Laos and the spot where coffee aficionados go to buy on their own supply.

Hill Tribe Villages

Luang Namtha Province, Laos, is one of the greatest locations to enjoy a real off-the-beaten-path experience since it is located in a lush rice-bowl valley in the mountainous northern section of the country near the Chinese border and is studded with communities that have not been affected by modernity. You will get the opportunity to see many different hill tribes, including the Black Tai, the Red Tai, the White Tai, the Tai Lue, the Khmu, the Oo, the Lao Bit, the Lanten, the Mien, the Hmong, the Akha, and the Phou Noi, whose way of life remains almost unaffected by the outside world. They construct their own homes, live in simple dwellings, consume whole, unprocessed foods, and generally lead lives free from the trappings and technological complications of contemporary civilisation.

hill tribe private tours and luxury holiday
wat xieng thong laos private tours and luxury holiday

Wat Xieng Thong

Famous for its stunning beauty and traditional Luang Prabang style, the temple of Wat Xieng Thong is a must-see for every visitor to the area. The beautiful and intricate architecture deserves your undivided attention. The low arching roofs of the ordination hall characterise the traditional architectural style of Luang Prabang. Stencilled gold designs on a black or maroon backdrop adorn the inside and exterior walls of the temple. The gold-leaf designs on the dark walls seem to float as your eyes adapt to the low lighting of the temple. It is a remarkable testament to the spirit of religion, monarchy, and traditional art in Laos, and it is one of the most important monasteries in the country. Wat Xieng Thong served as a royal shrine and the site of the coronation of Lao monarchs until 1975.

FAQs for Laos Tours

We recommend dedicating 7 days to Laos, choosing either the north or south to explore during each trip. If your schedule allows, a 2-week itinerary could cover both regions, offering a more comprehensive experience of Laos’ highlights.

The ideal time to visit Laos is from October to April. During these months, the climate is most favorable, featuring warm, dry days and cool evenings and mornings. This period of the year offers the most comfortable temperatures for travelling.

Singapore passport holders do not need a visa for holiday visits to Laos. However, travel document requirements may change periodically. Our travel specialist will provide the latest, most accurate information during your trip planning process.

Laos is widely regarded as a safe destination for tourists, with a low crime rate and a reputation for its hospitable and friendly locals. However, like in any travel destination, maintaining awareness of your surroundings and practicing caution is advisable.

Laos boasts a rich culinary scene, featuring traditional dishes such as Laap (minced meat salad), Tam Mak Houng (green papaya salad), and Or Lam (spicy stew), typically accompanied by Khao Niew (sticky rice), a Laotian staple.

For travelers with diverse tastes, Laos also offers Thai, Italian, and Western dining options. Our travel specialist can suggest some restaurants to include in your customized tour of Laos, ensuring you have a range of cuisines to choose from.

Absolutely! During your visit to Laos, have the opportunity to engage in unique cultural activities, such as participating in a traditional blessing ceremony by local elders, mastering the art of silk weaving in Luang Prabang, and witnessing the early morning Alms Giving Ceremony, among others. These experiences provide a deeper dive into the rich cultural of Laos.

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