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China, a country of many landscapes and climates, offers scenic explorations enriched by a history spanning over 3,500 years and vibrant, diverse cultures across its cities and towns. In our private luxury tour package to China, we tailor the entire journey to your preferences, carefully selecting private guides who share your interests and can reveal the most authentic aspects of each destination. Additionally, for optimal comfort, we provide private vehicle for your travels and pair accommodations that suits your comfort level. This approach ensures a deeply personal and enriching travel experience, capturing the essence of China’s rich heritage and natural beauty.

China boasts some of the world’s most captivating landscapes, including the surreal formations of Zhangjiajie, made famous by the movie “Avatar”; the snow-capped mountains and grasslands of Shangri-La; the colourful mountains of Zhangye Danxia, and more. Each of these unique areas contributes to the vast and varied scenic beauty that China offers.

Beyond its natural wonders, China is also steeped in a rich history, featuring iconic sites like the Great Wall, the Forbidden City in Beijing, the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an, and segments of the historic Silk Road. To fully explore the breadth of what China has to offer would require multiple trips.

Given the vast array of remarkable attractions, it can be a challenge to capture the essence of China that best suits your travel preferences. Whether you are drawn to its deep historical roots and cultural tapestry or the diverse landscapes, our Travel Specialist is ready to craft a customized tour experience tailored to your specific interests. This personalized approach ensures you engage deeply with the aspects of China that most intrigue you.

Tailor-Made Tours To China

Understanding Your Needs

Identifying your interests is crucial for trip customization. We initiate the process with a video call, during which we share insights about the destination and experiences offered, helping you gain clarity on your preferences.


With an understanding of your needs, our Travel Specialist crafts a personalized itinerary tailored to your preference, encompassing a range of handpicked experiences, activities, accommodations and private guide.

Pre-Trip Briefing

Before departure, we’ll meet to give a final overview and share essential contact information and preparations needed for your journey, ensuring you’re well-equipped for a remarkable travel experience.

Highlights Of China

China is a vast country with numerous travel routes and here is a selection of recommended places of interest. If you don’t see your desired destination listed, it doesn’t mean we can’t take you there. Let us know so we can plan a tailor-made package to suit your personal tastes and specific interests.


Discover Beijing, a modern-day capital city with a captivating blend of ancient grandeur and contemporary flair. Wander the vast expanse of the Forbidden City, once home to emperors, and feel the historical weight of Tiananmen Square. Nearby, the majestic Great Wall stretches across mountains, symbolizing strength and architectural prowess. Unwind amidst the tranquil beauty of the Summer Palace, where royal gardens invite peaceful reflection. Complement your journey with a taste of Beijing’s modern culinary scene, featuring innovative dishes including the iconic Peking Duck, to experience the full flavour of the city’s rich cultural tapestry.

Xi An

Discover Xi’an, home of the awe-inspiring Terracotta Army, where thousands of life-sized statues stand guard over the tomb of China’s first emperor. Xi’an also acts as a gateway to the ancient Silk Road, inviting adventurers to follow the routes of historical traders and explorers heading across north-western China, a journey that offers a blend of scenic landscapes and significant landmarks. Our customized tours in Xi An provide a deep, personalized exploration of one of China’s most culturally significant regions, delving into these ancient wonders.


Discover the stunning beauty of Hunan, a region in China celebrated for its natural splendor and historic allure. Venture into Zhangjiajie National Park, renowned for its striking sandstone pillars that inspired the otherworldly landscapes seen in the film ‘Avatar’. Ascend Tianmen Mountain, famous for its breathtaking views that resemble a stairway to heaven, easily accessible by one of the world’s longest cable cars. Beyond its landscapes, step back in time at Furong Ancient Town, perched beside a waterfall, where cobbled streets and traditional Tujia architecture offer a vivid peek into China’s rich historical tapestry.


Yunnan’s enchanting diversity blends modern vibrancy, scenic landscapes, ancient towns, and off-the-beaten-path adventures. Explore Lijiang, a modern city celebrated for its cobblestoned streets and waterways, surrounded by natural wonders like Blue Moon Valley and Er Hai. Venture to the Ancient City of Dali, where history is alive in its ancient temples and traditional Bai houses. For the more adventurous, Yunnan is a gateway to mystical Shangri-La, offering journeys through deep valleys to the alpine, snow-capped peaks of the Jade Dragon and Meili Snow Mountains, expansive tundra, and majestic Tibetan monasteries.

FAQs for China Tours

China, with its vast expanse, experiences one of the widest ranges of climatic conditions found within a single country. In general, the best times to visit are during spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) when the weather is cool and dry. These seasons provide a comfortable contrast to the country’s bitterly cold winters and hot, humid summers.

It’s advisable to avoid traveling during the first week of May and the first week of October, known as the Golden Week holidays, when tourist sites are particularly crowded.

Singaporeans do not require a visa for short holiday visits to China and can stay for up to 30 days visa-free. However, visa regulations can change, so our travel specialist will provide you with the latest information on the necessary documents during your trip planning process.

China is a huge country and traveling between attractions across different regions can be time-consuming. To truly appreciate its diversity, touring China comprehensively would take months.

For most travellers, we recommend allocating at least 7 to 10 days to explore the main highlights of one or two cities. If your schedule allows, extending your stay to 12 to 14 days would enable you to visit multiple cities and experience a rich mix of urban landscapes, scenic vistas, and ancient marvels all in one trip.

Mobile payments using applications like Alipay or WeChat are widely accepted across China, from urban shops to rural vendors. These apps can be easily linked to your Singapore bank credit card. To make a payment, you generally scan a QR code, similar to using “PayNow” with local vendors in Singapore. While cash is becoming less common, it is still accepted at most locations.

Common mobile applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Google, and Safari will function normally while you are using data roaming from your Singaporean telecom provider. Purchasing data roaming directly from your telecom provider is the most straightforward way to ensure continuous access to your apps while traveling across China.

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