Sustainable Travel & What It Means For Us?

As beneficiaries of leisure travel, we understand the enriching impact it can have on us. However, have we ever considered the impact of our travels on our hosts? Do they experience the same level of enrichment as we do?

Beyond Footprints was founded on the core belief that a dream holiday should not only be transformative and rejuvenating for the traveller but also impactful and regenerative for the host.  In today’s world, as we face the challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss, each one of us can contribute to creating a better future for generations to come.

Travel has the potential to be a force for good, but only if approached in the right way. And that begins with how we plan your journey.

Our trip planning is ingrained with these considerations.

sustainable travel - community development

1. Empowerment of Communities

Local communities residing near tourism developments should be empowered through the creation of jobs, provision of professional training, access to education, and business opportunities. These measures contribute to an improved long-term quality of life.

Moreover, it is crucial not to overlook marginalized individuals in this economic progress. As such, we curate our partners to ensure the active involvement of local communities in the development of the tourism product, extending the positive influence as far as possible.

sustainable - wildlife and environment protection

 2. Protection of Nature and Wildlife

In the midst of the ongoing biodiversity crisis, we firmly believe that collective action, regardless of its scale, can still reverse (halt?) the negative impact. The preservation of biodiversity and natural capital is crucial for the survival of the human race.

We are dedicated to directing tourism funds towards the right partners, as it holds greater value for local communities to conserve natural habitats and wildlife rather than engaging in activities like logging and poaching. Additionally, we encourage all our travellers to be mindful of their waste and emissions during every journey they undertake. By learning to protect, treasure, and coexist with nature, we can unlock its boundless potential and the countless benefits it offers.

Sustainable travel cultural preservation


3. Preserving Local Heritage & Culture

Local heritage and culture play a defining role in distinguishing one community from another, encompassing elements such as heritage monuments and ancient architecture. Exploring diverse cultures broadens our perspectives, fosters connections, and exposes us to fresh ideas.

Therefore, we firmly believe in the engagement of local guides, respecting every culture, and heeding local advice regarding interactions and cultural sensitivity. Our approach to travel aims to benefit local communities and indigenous groups who earnestly strive to preserve their distinctive heritage and culture.

Striking a balance between community & environmental benefits versus tourism is crucial for preserving the exceptional experiences encountered on your journey.

Just imagine the consequences if we fail to safeguard these extraordinary experiences. What kind of “fruits” would we be able to savour in the future?