About Beyond Footprints Travel

When it comes to memorable holidays, it’s more than simply taking a trip. Beyond marking your footprints, we truly believe that it’s the journey that matters.

Over the years we’ve taken individuals to the coolest places, the most beautiful destinations, and the furthest corners of the earth. But the most unforgettable travel stories came from tours that were experiential and purposeful. Those experience will be more than remembered, it will be forever embedded in who they are! Because isn’t that what traveling is?

It’s a journey of not only discovering new places in the world, it’s discovering yourself, learning a new way of life, forming the emotional connection we have with each place and person we meet along the way and realizing how we can be more conscious in making this world just a little better than we found it.

Life is one big adventure, and we’re thrilled to be planning your next holiday! At Beyond Footprints we plan tailor-made private tours, luxury holidays, expeditions, safaris and more.

We can help with well-planned holidays that take you to breath-taking destinations, immerse you in the local culture, and provide lasting memories you’ll never forget, all while being conscious about our impact on the environment and the local communities. A win not just for you and me, but also people and places we touch along our paths.

As we continue exploring the world with you, let’s mark our footprints more meaningfully.