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Bordered by Austria, France, Germany, Italy, and Liechtenstein, the small landlocked country of Switzerland is situated right in the center of the Alps and is known for its spectacular mountain scenery, incredible ski resorts, pristine lakes, and scenic green rolling pasture. Whether you are looking for a memorable outdoor experience in summer or you want to go on a daring winter adventure, Switzerland is the place to be.

Switzerland is a place truly made for luxury travel; whether it’s the world-beating resorts, incredible natural sights, fine dining options, vineyards, or luxury shopping options, Switzerland will never disappoint you.

1.    Stay At The Best Hotels

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Image Credit: Pilatus-Bahnen AG. swiss-image.ch/Rainer Eder

Top-notch opulent hotels are an important feature of luxury travel, and Switzerland will not disappoint its visitors in that department. Home to some of the best luxury hotels in Europe, Switzerland will satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding guests. Whether it’s spa treatments, chocolate treats, or upscale hotel rooms these hotels have it all.

We will make sure that you only stay at the best luxury hotels in the country. Here is a list of hotels that you will be staying at throughout your trip.

  • Hotel Storchen Zurich
  • Widder Hotel
  • Park Hyatt Zurich
  • Hotel President Wilson
  • Mandarin Oriental

If you are more into nature and want to spend some time in the wild, we also offer luxury eco-pods that offer breathtaking views of the glacier mountain.

If there is a particular type of accommodation you want to experience for your trip, let us know and we can arrange it as a part of your tailor-made travel plans.

2.    Arrange A Luxury Sightseeing Tour

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Image Credit: Jungfrau Region. swiss-image.ch/Jost von Allmen

Switzerland has so much to offer that there is no way you can see everything in one trip, especially if you are traveling on your own. Booking a tailor-made trip with us will not only you the chance to explore this magical country on your own terms, but also cover maximum ground in a limited time. This way you can just focus on enjoying the beautiful sights rather than having to worry about the logistics of your trip. Plus, you can have everything sorted before you even land inside the country, making your trip much easier and more convenient.

One of the most popular day trips in Switzerland is the Swiss Alps Day Trip. This day trip takes you to the mountain region of Jungfrau which is one of the highest points in Europe. You will take a scenic drive through the Bernese Oberland region before arriving at the charming village of Grindelwald with an expert guide.

3.    Try Fine Dining In Geneva

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Image Credit: Copyright by Rhaetische Bahn. swiss-image.ch/Peter Fuchs

Geneve has a glamorous dining scene and is home to some of the best restaurants not just in the country but in all of Europe. With world-famous chefs and some of the biggest restaurants in the fine dining world, Geneva is the hub of Gastronomic delights in Switzerland. Plus, there is a massive range of international cuisines to pick from; with heavy Italian, German, and Asian influences, it feels like you can taste the entire world within this small city.

If you are a fan of Chinese food then you are going to love Tse Fung which is the only Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant in the country. It is run by Chef Frank Xu from Shenzhen who celebrates traditional Chinese dishes with a menu that does not divert from its Chinese roots.

Other popular fine dining options in Geneva include

  • Bistrot du Boeuf Rouge
  • L’Arabesque
  • Le Chat-Botte
  • Yakumanka

4.    Luxurious Watch Shopping

Whether you are in Geneva, Lucerne, or Lausanne you will find plenty of watch retailers that sell luxury swiss watches. Switzerland is home to some of the most popular and biggest watch retailers around the globe featuring a wide range of exclusive watch brands.

Whether you choose to visit a world-renowned retailer like Bucherer or a local boutique like A L’Emeraude you will find the best premium luxury watches in the world.

One of the first names that come to mind when you think about swiss watches is Gübelin which is renowned for its high-end jewellery and luxury watches. It started back in 1854 in Lucerne in a small watchmaker’s shop and now has over 250 experts running different boutiques across Switzerland and Asia. So when you are in Lucerne make sure to visit the original Gübelin Jewellery Atelier and get yourself a nice watch made by the best in the world.

5.    Go Wine Tasting

switzerland luxury holiday - winery

Image Credit: Copyright by Valais/Wallis Promotion. Valais/Wallis Promotion – David Carlier

Wine has been an essential part of Swiss culture since the Roman Empire. With around 240 grape varieties, Switzerland makes a diverse range of wines. If you want to take a walk among the vines, visit different wineries, and taste high-quality wines, Switzerland is the place to be.

What makes swiss wine is unique that very little of it is exported and it is mostly consumed locally which means you will rarely find swiss wine outside of Switzerland. If you are a wine fan a visit to local wineries is really recommended.

Switzerland has a rich and long wine-growing heritage that is just as complex and unique as its history. Its wine-growing industry is divided into six regions, each of which offers a unique and distinctive style.

You can go on specially curated wine tours, where you get to visit different wineries and try a wide range of wines. Whether it’s the La Cote or Lavaus region, the vineyards are accompanied by scenic backdrops or lakes and mountains. Perfect for exploring on a slow bike ride.

Tailor-Made Luxurious Travel Experiences in Switzerland

Switzerland truly has an incredible range of attractions and activities for all types of travellers, including giant glaciers, epic mountain peaks, wild rivers, vibrant cities, world-class museums, and some of the best luxury resorts in Europe. Plus, it is one of those places that has something unique to offer regardless of what time of the year you decide to visit, making it a versatile travel location and ideal for those looking for luxury travel.

If you are looking for tailor-made travel experience, we are here to help! Drop us a message and we’re more than happy to share some ideas for your next holiday in Switzerland.

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